A arte de pompoar, conhece?

Seduction is not used to achieve a sexual partner or stable relationship, but also to maintain it. People are never the same, they change over time. Therefore, we do not always want the person we are with. In addition, the cool thing is to discover each day the newness that exists in the other person.

More culturalist approaches make a different analysis. They say that the existence of an “alpha male” is a social construction. The proof of this would be that not all cultures are focused on this imaginary.

The act of seducing has been associated with a misleading or, at times, bad thing. But sometimes it is done unconsciously and involuntarily, and, moreover, almost always for the purpose of mutual sentimental benefit. In fact, to love someone is to be seduced by that person.

To improve our seduction with others we must know what we do and why we do it; Which expressions cause us uncomfortable and in addition, do not bring results.


– If possible, arrange a meeting so that the person knows our interest in advance.

Seduction can be used in various settings

– To seduce to provoke the interest of others for us, to arouse curiosity, to make others want to know us, to make them feel good in our company, to seek us and to love us …

Use seduction not only in bars and ballads; Although these are good places, we can meet someone interesting anywhere else.


Anthropologist Margaret Mead has studied various societies in New Guinea and found that gender roles do not work as they do in the West. In the Arapesh Community, for example, all members have behaviors that could be classified as “female”. And men are valued for their delicacy and dedication to the home.

Ovid and Kamasutra, the seduction classics, give some recommendations on how to get the other person’s interest:

– Make appreciations of value (be it sentimental or material).

– Do not contradict yourself in the first meetings.

– Sit or dance close to the person.

Seduction strategy will define your success or failure in the art of seducing women, if choosing an effective method and applying it to your personality will inevitably achieve success, on the other hand, learning seduction with a wrong method is sure to fail.


After reading a few books and doing a lot of research on the internet, it is time to put everything into practice, ideally you should separate some materials, here on the site you can use “The Alpha Seduction Method”, all the ebooks you will gain from Toast and do some research on the site in addition to the e-books that you can download for free. Firstly, you should make a complete reading of all the materials, writing down everything you think is important.

A good example is shy men who try to learn seduction using advanced techniques that require certain communication skills and that the learner is confident. Some tactics teach snoring to a very attractive woman demonstrating superiority, a timid one will never be able to do this, since he will be completely insecure in front of the woman.

In fact many people confuse or put everything in a bag alone, seduction is used for everything, including buying, selling, among other activities, you will seduce the person or influence.

Of course each case is one and here we are talking about conjugal relationship, properly.

If you have tips on the art of seducing, leave your comment below and we will encourage this subject so interesting and so full of nuances.

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O que são tributos de Icms?

The Entity understands that the issue represents great distortion and injustice in the Brazilian tax system, which denounce, among many problems, one of those responsible for the low social inclusion in Brazil and imponderable socioeconomic developments.

EXPLANATORY NOTE: The CSOSN will be used in the Electronic Invoice only when the CRT is equal to “1”, and will replace the codes in Table B – Taxation by the ICMS of the Code Annex Of Tax Situation – CST of the Agreement n / nº of December 15, 1970. See example HERE.

It consists of a tax instituted by the States and the Federal District that focuses on operations related to the movement of goods and on services of interstate and inter-municipal transportation and communication services, even if operations and services are started abroad.


Taxpayer is any person, whether physical or juridical, who carries out, with regularity or in volume that characterizes commercial purpose, operations of circulation of goods or services of interstate and intermunicipal transportation and of communication, even if the operations and the benefits begin in the Outside.


The accounting of the ISS – Tax on Services of any kind follows the same procedure adopted in the registration of ICMS on sales.

As with IPI and ICMS, the ISS bookkeeping may be made by Invoice at the end of the day, by the sum of the Invoices or, on a monthly basis, based on the bookkeeping of the proper fiscal book.

If the company opts for the summary bookkeeping, that is, when making the entries in monthly items, the accounting record can be made based on the fiscal book for the calculation of said tax.

It has a fiscal purpose, although the Magna Carta allows it to be selective, depending on the essentiality of the goods and services. The ICMS will not be cumulative, compensating what is due in each operation related to the movement of goods or services rendered with the amount charged in the previous ones by the same or another State or by the Federal District. The taxable event of the ICMS is provided for in article 2 of LC 87/96, while the non-incidence hypotheses are prescribed in article 3 of the same law.

In the Statement of Income for the Year, the “ISS for Sale of Services” account will be inserted as a reduction item in the Gross Revenue from Service Sales, thus obtaining the Net Revenue from Service Sales.


If you are informed CRT = 1 (National Simple) you should NOT be informed of the CST, but CSOSN. Otherwise there will be Rejection 590: Informed CST for National Simple Issuer (CRT = 1)
Fill in the fields below (PIS / COFINS) as indicated, without filling in the IPI information:


One proposal for which the Entity devotes its attention is the Senate Bill (PLS) nº 130/2014, of Senator Lucia Vânia (PSB / GO), which is in the Chamber of Deputies under number 54/2015. He tries to change the rules in the National Council of Finance Policy (Confaz), of the Ministry of Finance, regarding the signing of agreements to grant tax incentives of ICMS.

To promote agreements, Confaz needs the unanimous approval of the 27 federative units, which is behind the fiscal war

The need for reform of the São Paulo ICMS has been discussed by the Tax Affairs Council (CAT) of FecomercioSP. In December, the CAT received the professor and coordinator of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Eurico de Santi, to talk about the subject, addressing the example of the proposal prepared by the FGV team for the State of Mato Grosso (MT), which seeks simplicity , Isonomy, neutrality, transparency and tax collection.

In the IBPT surveys that indicate the percentage of the tax burden on school material prices at the beginning of the year, it is also possible to highlight the seriousness of the issue. In the value of a pen, for example, 47% was imposed. In the price of a university notebook, the load was 34%.

According to FecomercioSP, the numbers become even more alarming because they are products used for education in the country.


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Como vender no Facebook!

Facebook has several tools, among them the mural, a space in the profile page that allows the message posting of friends. Different posts (or posts) may appear in the News Feed, separate and available if the user wants to know more about the subjects being debated on the network.

. With Facebook it is also possible to meet new people from any country in the world or attract customers for commercial purposes. All the possibilities offered serve as a revolutionary tool. It has now surpassed one million users across the globe.

Significant dataFacebook is a free service in which your users manage their own personal space through their home page. In facebook it is possible to write a note to congratulate a friend for his birthday,

to post the image of a party, to create a photo album, to express what he likes to other users, in short, everything that seems opportune and we want to share with our friends in the network

Currently, Facebook is the most social network with users in the world. The number of users using Facebook by cell phone is double that of users using the computer (PC). Facebook is available in more than 70 languages, its market value exceeds 80,000 million dollars and its user uses it on average almost 1 hour per day. If Facebook were a nation, it would be the third most populous on the planet.

The term was taken from the albums that children make in the United States, putting the photographs of their classmates or classmates and, although the translation can not be a common expression in Brazil, does not sound good in Portuguese, the original idea took, Wanted each person to share their photo and personal information, creating networks and groups where they could share ideas and facts.

In its beginning, Facebook only accepted the adhesion of university students

On Facebook, viewing detailed data about members is restricted to friends or group participants who need to confirm their participation and may also be free and available to everyone, depending on the wishes of the profile creator.


The Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with 2 billion active users worldwide.

In it, you can create a personal profile or Fan Page, and interact with other people connected to the site, through instant messaging, content sharing and the famous “tanned” in users’ posts.


Facebook Ads are commercials served within the platform itself. In addition, Facebook has several tools to assist you in creating more effective campaigns and in this post I will show you how to use some of these Facebook Ads tools.

In addition to performing these functions, it is also possible to participate in groups, according to their interests and needs, within the social network.

As of 2006, access was now released for secondary school students and also general business workers, and it was no longer just university students who could use the network.

Soon after, anyone over the age of 13 could connect to Facebook, providing simple information such as first and last name, email, date of birth, and gender.


Well, today there are several ways to advertise on Facebook. To start, let’s understand some important concepts that you should apply in any ad on the social network.

If your company has more than one type of consumer profile (persona) you can create separate campaigns with a specific communication for each of these profiles.

For a better understanding of your audience’s interests and data, Facebook has developed a tool called Facebook Audience Insights. Through it, you can create your audience with the help of the tool and it will show you relevant data and the common interests of your target. Use and abuse this great tool!

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Guerra da Sedução Destruindo a Friendzone Funciona Mesmo ?

But do not worry, bastard, do you know why?
Now I’ll show you the SOLUTION! Fortunately Friendzone is something completely breakable, it’s no wonder they also call it “Zone of Friendship” because it’s a zone, a place YOU CAN LEAVE!
I will not touch the subject that justifies why you entered Friendzone, you will see in the video that I will leave below if you want to see now. Click here to watch the video!
But in a very brief way, his

War of Seduction Destroying the Friendzone Does It Really Work?

The War of Seduction Course Destroying the Friendzone was made for you who are accustomed to hearing the following phrase: “Let’s just be friends”.

War of Seduction Destroying the Friendzone Does It Really Work?

Course War of Seduction Destroying the Friendzone does it work?

Hello, Looking for more information about the Course of Seduction War Destroying the Right Friendzone? So you came to the right place. In response to several requests from readers of this site today we will do a complete analysis of this training of Marcel KumeFique.

If you often hear “Let’s just be friends” the War of Seduction: Destroying the Friendzone was made for you. Discover simple and infallible ways to leave the terrible friendzone Discover how to win your friends, even the most disinterested Learn how to never enter the friendship zone Discover the Frienzone Controller technique, where you will learn how to be a colorful friend of your friends Make your friends Wishing to be with you through some visual changes that any man can make.

In an interview with MTV News, Josh Brolin talked about the advantages of playing a comic book character and about when we’ll see Thanos in the movies.


Thanos will be the main villain of Avengers: Infinity War, which will be filmed over nine months and split into two parts. The first premiere on May 4, 2018 and the second on May 3, 2019. Joe and Anthony Russo, the brothers who directed Captain America 2 – The Winter Soldier and commanded Captain America: Civil War, will direct the two films. The Avengers: Infinity War teaser was aired on CCXP – read here.

How so just friends if I’m in love with this girl? Because it is my friend, I think it is not or it was just you who have already experienced this situation. Yes, Friendzone sucks! You practically do everything for the girl, like her like no other guy and she just sees you as a friend. Tragic! What a problem you got into …

Asked if the villain would appear before Avengers: Infinite War in a post-credits scene of Captain America: Civil War or in Guardians of Galaxy 2, the actor said he does not know what movies he will be in. “That’s a question for Kevin Feige. I know the trajectory of what they’re doing, but I do not know exactly what movie I’m in.” Brolin said he does not have a favorite hero to face, as he will be against everyone. “I think it’s the whole thing that I’m most anxious about. I’m taking the wrath of Thanos to each one of them,” he explained.


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